Organic HerbsVidanga

September 27, 20210

Vidanga Botanical name – Embelia ribes Burm. F. Family – Myrsinaceae Common Names English –  False black pepper Hindi – Baibidang Sanskrit – Vidanga Parts used – Fruits Distribution The plant is distributed in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia. In India it is mainly found in Western Ghats and Eastern Himalayas, hilly regions of...


Organic HerbsMethi

September 27, 20210

Methi Botanical name – Trigonella foenum-graecum Family – Leguminosae Common names English – Fenugreek seeds Hindi – Methi Sanskrit – Methika Parts used – Whole plant Distribution India is the largest Fenugreek producer in the world. It originated from South-Eastern Europe and Western Asia, in North Africa it has been grown for fodder in Saharan...


Organic HerbsLemon

September 27, 20210

Lemon Botanical name – Citrus limon Linn. Family – Rutaceae Common names – English – Lemon Hindi – Nimbu Sanskrit – Jambeer Parts used – Fruits, Bark, Leaves Distribution Citrus is native to a large area, which extends from Himalayan foothills of northeast India to north central China, the Philippines in east and Burma, Thailand,...


CHITRAK Botanical name – Plumbago zeylanica Linn. Family – Plumbaginaceae Common names – English – Ceylon leadwort Hindi – Cheeta Sanskrit – Chitrak Parts used – Root bark Distribution Chitrak is mainly a native to old tropical regions of Pacific and Hawaiian Island. It is cultivated for medicinal and commercial purposes The species is largely...


Black Pepper Botanical name – Piper nigrum Linn. Family – Piperaceae Common names – English – Black pepper Hindi – Kali Mirch Sanskrit – Marich Parts used – Fruits Distribution Pepper originated in the hills of South Western India. Although pepper was found cultivated in Indonesia as early as the 13th Century and in Sri...