Reviewing and approving laboratory SOPs. Develop, direct, and implement field investigations. Setting operation budget including capital equipment forecast forward, a new normal that has evolved from generation.

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LAB EDUCATIONAbout Dr. Garrett

Laboratory analysis may be carried out for a number of reasons – usually linked to ensuring a product has been manufactured to meet specifications and regulations and is safe to be released to the market place.

It is imperative then, that the results of the analysis can be trusted, in terms of their accuracy and reproducibility. For a number of reasons – usually linked to ensuring a product has been manufactured to meet specifications.

I greatly appreciate the communication on the process, what we needed to do in terms of providing samples, what to expect from testing.
Dr. Richard Garrett
Head of Laboratory


Nutricare Life Sciences Limited India is a fast growing, vertically integrated manufacturing and marketing company headquartered in India. Amongst the pioneers of Phytogenic Feed Additives and Herbal Medicine in India, we are committed to use the knowledge and experience of centuries bygone, for the betterment of animal health. Nutricare has the uniqueness of integrating modern science with Ayurveda. With an experience of 35 years in manufacturing of quality herbal formulations, Nutricare products are research based and derived from fractionations and sub-fractionations of phytogenic extracts. Nutricare has been successful in registering its presence in major markets around the globe through an organized and ever-expanding distributorship network.

Focus Area

At Nutricare, our focus is on..

  • Essential oils as a potential alternative to antibiotics.
  • Herbal medicaments composed of medicinal herbs and their extracts.
  • Feed additives fortified with phyto-extracts, prebiotics and probiotics.
  • Phyto-nutritionals like phyto-amino acids and vitamins.

The boom in conventional medicine is losing its shine due to its side effects and repercussions, whether in the form of antibiotic resistance, safety issues or over dosage problems.
Natural Medicines and Feed Additives are gaining popularity and acceptance across the world owing to their safety, no drug resistance problem, zero or least side effects, no over dosage problems and additionally economical as well. Natural medicine considers each person as a unique individual and uses a holistic approach in treatment. It is removing the myth of being non-efficient and slow in action. With increased public concern over the spread of antibiotic resistance in zoonotic bacterial pathogens, which poses a threat to public health, the usage of antibiotics in developed countries as growth promoters has been banned and the world is increasingly looking towards natural alternatives.
Nutricare started its journey with chemicals, realizing that these very chemicals lead to disaster and various problems, changed its mission to provide sustainable solutions. For a better tomorrow, we at Nutricare are committed to provide natural alternatives to hazardous chemicals and antibiotics used in the livestock and poultry industry.

Research & Development

Our strong and unique Research and Development is the foundation of our products. Our R&D team consists of qualified professionals, viz., Veterinarians, Pharmacologists, Chemists, Microbiologists, Botanists, and Herbalists. The focus of our R&D Department is to identify and extract fractions from the plants, which are highly efficient for stimulating a particular function or effective in controlling various diseases. Our R&D is capable of stabilizing the combination of natural oils and medications, which is a major challenge in formulations with natural medications. The extracts are standardized for extraction, tested both in vitro and in vivo before being forwarded for field and clinical trials. We also outsource R&D to renowned research institutes of the country in the form of research projects.
Nutricare Life Sciences Limited has a distinguishing feature of using the traditional knowledge of thousands of years of Ayurveda, for the health and growth of Livestock and Poultry, and is committed to research based formulations with assured quality.


Our respected CEO Mr. K.L. Arora was born on 24th October, 1953 in Shahjahanpur (UP), bought up at the same place & completed his graduation in science. Besides handling his group of industries he is fully engaged in several social activities & is well known as a renowned businessman and active social worker. He believes in spreading smiles on the faces and giving his best to the society.
We, at Nutricare take care not to negatively impact the environment. Through our CSR activities we ensure our commitment towards a green and healthy society. We support specific initiatives based on need and relevance catering to health , care and hygiene.

Indian Business

Nutricare Life Sciences Ltd. is being represented in India by Arosol Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. and for more details visit:


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