Nutricare Life Sciences Limited India (NCLS)

Nutricare, among the pioneers of Phytogenic Feed Additives and Herbal Medicine, is a fast growing, vertically integrated manufacturing & marketing company headquartered in India. NCLS is committed to use the knowledge and experience of centuries for the betterment of animal health.  Nutricare has the uniqueness of integrating modern science with Ayurveda. Nutricare has an experience of 35 years in manufacturing of herbal formulations. Nutricare products are research based and derived from fractionations and sub fractionations of phytogenic extracts. NCLS has been successful in registering its presence in major markets around the globe through an organised distributorship network, which is expanding very fast.

About 150 employees are associated with Research, Formulations, Production, Quality Compliance, Sales, Marketing, Logistics and Product Development.



NCLS  strives to provide a new model of animal health care & Nutrition, which is holistic, sustainable and which recognizes the intricate link between animal, human and environmental health.   Our mission is to lead animal health care and nutrition to sustainability.  We work on novel bio- control approaches to animal health and innovative Green Nutritional solutions. These include:

1,           Bioactive phytochemcials like phyto extracts and volatile oils.

2.           Prebiotics and Probiotics

3.           Phyto -nutritionals like phyto amino acids and vitamins.

4.           Innovative synthetic Nutritionals

In near future we intend to work on-

1.           Antimicrobial peptides

2.           Bacteriophages.

Our mission is to redefine animal healthcare & nutrition, to work for animal & human welfare in a unique manner, by applying principles of sustainability to veterinary medicine & animal nutrition.




a.Our parental company Arosol Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Has more than 30     years of successful experience in India, in animal health care segment.  Thus, Nutricare has a rich inheritance in terms of values and experiences.

b. State of the art manufacturing units with ISO, HACCP & GMP certifications.

c.  Dedicated innovation and development team.

d.  Strong marketing and technical services department

e.  Presence in more than 14 countries.




Our R &D team consisting of Pharmacologists, microbiologists, botanists, and natural-products chemists work constantly to identify phyto-bioactive leads that could be developed for treatment of various animal diseases.

There is a standard formulations development process. R & D division selects botanicals/medicinal plants based on scientific literary review & ethno-botanical studies, then a study of Morphological & physio-chemical properties of the medicinal plants is carried out, it is followed by the preparation of different solvent guided extracts. The extracts are later characterized phytochemically & a detailed Bioassay /in vitro efficacy is carried out to study the specific functions response. Best extracts are later identified. The  next step which follows is fractionation & sub-fractionation of most effective extract & identification of effective fractions/sub-fractions which is followed by standardization of extract & identification of marker compounds. After this, safety & stability studies are carried out; which are followed by in vivo studies/efficacy of the extract on natural host against experimental challenge infection/affection & data analysis. Finally, formula is prepared & validation of results is done through 3rd party testing of efficacy under field conditions .

To ensure highest safety & efficacy, Proper double-blind clinical trials are conducted to determine the safety and efficacy of each formula before they are recommended for medical use. Toxicity studies are conducted as per Guidelines of OECD.

In order to smoothly carry out the innovation & development, & quality assurance activities our labs are equipped with modern cutting edge technologies.