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We are one of the India’s leading Natural Animal Healthcare companies. We provide a new model of animal health care & Nutrition, which is holistic, sustainable and which recognizes the intricate link between animal, human and environmental health. Our mission is to lead animal health care and nutrition towards sustainability. We work on novel bio-control approaches to animal health and innovative Green Nutritional solutions.

These include:
• Herbal medicaments with phytochemcials like phyto extracts and volatile oils as bioactive molecules.
• Feed additives with herbal supplementation and Prebiotics and Probiotics
• Phyto-nutritionals like phyto-amino acids and vitamins.

The health conscious world is looking for chemical free and antibiotic free products. Nutricare Life Sciences Limited has the distinction in providing solutions from the nature which are antibiotic free and with out corrosive synthetic chemicals. Nutricare has presence in about 30 countries now that includes Europian, Middle East, Asian and South American countries. We are open for providing you the distributorship for our wide range of products. You may contact us at or